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I am a product designer, with a background in industrial and graphic design, who loves to create useful, user centred and beautiful products and experiences. 

I have spent the past 6 years of my career working for LEGO and on freelance projects. 

I am based around Europe and currently work remotely.

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during my
free time    

making posca portraits

dancing until 8am,

or 'til you
get whiplash...

screen printing

making veggie ramen...

and crying over
the failed noodles.


not riding
them yet...

skiing and...

getting stuck
in powder.

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creative designer box

Exploring possible designs with Creative Rachel Burke and LEGO Designer Fred

behind the design

Behind the scenes of the design process of Lego DOTS, guided by Laura and I

mashable tour

I gave the Mashable team a tour of the House of DOTS