End-to-end design of an app to educate people on fruits and vegetables and the seasons when they are available. Bringing in recipes and tricks on how to use them.

“To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN and seasonal and local buying and eating is key to it.

There currently are no apps available in Europe to easily and quickly find what local produce is in season and where to buy it locally, hence why I decided to take this project on.
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80 hours,
April 2022


Figma, Procreate, FigJam


Concept project


UX research, UX/UI design

job to be done

Design an MVP for an app that allows its users to easily find out what fruit and vegetables are in season and get education on them.

seasonal products

Activating location services, the app will automatically sync to the location and date.

The dial makes changing the month/season a more fun and interesting interaction.

The user simply needs to tick what kind of produce they want and they get a result.

product page

Every produce has its own unique page where key information about its origin and nutritional values is present.

Additionally the user will get advice on how to choose it, how to store it and recipes with it. There will also be a function to find their closest local market to purchase it.


Access to recipes is present in most pages to keep users inspired. Recipes of the day/week are showcased top of the page and some more popular recipes lower down.

The user will have key info on time to prep, calories, difficulty and quantities. The recipe details are easily found and both can be exported to notes for offline use.

tips & tricks

Tips & tricks are super popular and help get bite sized information on produce and how to keep it fresh longer.

Each tip has a page specific to it and users can up/down vote the tip. This part of the app would be develop further to expand the community section, the possibility to comment and further interact.

check out the prototype

stagione prototype

problem validation & feature benchmarking

The vast majority of companies focus on the delivery services from farm-to-door and there is generally no information on the products themselves.

Tools tend to be on desktop and info is found on charts, infographics and list, which aren’t very user friendly.

I benchmarked existing tools and concluded there is a space to make an app that is more personalised and location specific, to promote seasonal and local buying, giving reminders could be an interesting option and potentially adding offers.

user research

Market research gave a great indication of where the gap in the market lay. I went on to do seven 1:1 interviews with participants that were EU based and that represented the target group.

GOAL: understand people’s relation to buying seasonal and local produce (where and how they shop + what their challenges are  and what can help). With the information I was able to narrow down the user needs to a base offering and to  what could add value in a second moment.

personas & features

Once all the insights were gathered I created personas which represented best the insights, highlighted the project goals and created a priority matrix to have a clear understanding on what to focus for the MVP and what to target.

ideation & wireframes

After creating task and user flows, I used Crazy 8's exercise to brainstorm different ways of selecting and reaching key information about fruit & vegetables when reaching the landing page of the app.

Once a direction was chosen I sketched all the screens, created a moodboard, a style guide and the wireframes.

high fidelity

I developed the high fidelity screens for the Stagione app. Based on the style guide and iterating from the sketches and wireframes. Keeping in mind the way the user would interact with the product and aiming to make exciting interactions.

logo design & style guide

I explored names which linked to the word "season" and logo variations by hand, which I developed digitally on Procreate and created a collection of icons to match.

I then developed a style guide. Having a strong graphic direction for the app was really important as most sites linked to vegetables and produce have the same "dry" or all green aesthetic.

I kept colours that would remind of produce yet also making it playful, engaging and bringing joy.

Logo GIF Stagione

usability testing & next steps

I prototyped the screens and tested it with potential target users and also users outside my target group (boomers) to see if it was fail proof. This allowed getting useful insights, start tweaking the design and defining next steps.

Based on the initial research and on usability testing, I was able to identify 6 sections which could be further developed and broaden the scope of the app and to make it appealing to a wider audience.