Workshops with kids at King's Academy London

workshops with kids

Together with David Pallash I led a series of workshops at the Kings Academy near Kings Cross with a total of about 120 kids.

Facilitating these sessions and engaging directly with the children was a really exciting and fun challenge. The aim was for them to be creative with DOTS, giving them free rein in decorating, for them to become designers, and allowing DOTS to have a life of its own.​

The outcome was then used to decorate the area of the kitchen in the House of DOTS.

Talking to the kids (top), the kids checking out their creations (bottom)

research at glasgow montessori nursery

I started working with kids from when I was at university, for some projects.​

This allowed me to understand the dynamics within the kids and the different behaviours to have based on the age groups.​

Here I was working with kids aged 4-5 at the Glasgow Montessori Nursery.

Kids playing at the Montessori Nursery, conducting user research with the kids