ring holders

20 individual rings can be placed in each ring holder. Works with rings of different heights and diameters. Sizing of holder 15.5 x 11.5 x 2 cm.​

Each piece is unique and has a special blend of colours. Made from resin and dye and coated in clear resin for an extra smooth finish.​

This is a limited production run of 6 pieces.

Close up of the ring holders in context and in use (perspex box from Muji)

moulding & casting

After sanding the 3D printed model, we used it to create a silicone mould which we would use to cast the ring displays out of resin. ​

We cast them in clear resin and with different dyes. Once they dried we added a resin coating to obtain a clear, smooth and shiny surface.

Details of the limited production process

initial idea

This project came about from a real need and not finding anything in the market to fulfil it.

​I made a very quick sketch of what the display could look like and initial sizing and measurements.​

This allowed me to start a dialogue with Mani and for us to translate the idea into 3D. The first sketch doesn't always need to be super polished, as long as it communicates what it needs to.