social media content

Based on weekly briefs from the marketing team, I created illustrations and graphic layouts for the Quin diabetes social media page.

branding & tone of voice

When I first started freelancing with Quin diabetes, the social media feed was not very personalised and felt very neutral and bleak.

Our goal was to subtly rebrand the social content to make it more impactful and engaging.

I used more saturated colours and added choral as an accent colour to bring a warmer and more engaging tone to the palette. We started included more reels (done by Charlie in marketing) and including humour into the posts.

story highlights

I created custom diabetes linked icons for the story highlights, which created cohesiveness and made them more engaging for the users.

engagement & community

Followers more than doubled in the time working together and engagement grew. Users shared their own stories and gave feedback, creating a real sense of community and a space to learn and share.