playtime fair

Playtime is an international children’s & maternity trade show, which takes place in Paris, Shanghai and New York.

new york fair

The theme had 3 key animals represented, together with children playing with them. Playtime wanted to have a light and playful feel to it.​

For the New York fair, Mani chose the bear. It has soft iridescent details matched with darker and medium blues.

paris fair

The animal chosen for the Paris fair was the flying dinosaur, which matched a delicate aesthetic whilst being a huge big animal.​

We chose green tonalities with pops of bright yellow, light peach and a mulberry purple.

shanghai fair

For this fair the gorilla was chosen. Such an imposing animal, but with a sweet tooth for ice cream, so much so, his arms now look like ice cream cones.

in use

Examples of the 3D renderings used in context on the Playtime website.