the logo

The client asked for a sleek, minimalist logo. To inspire confidence and trust in the company. Allowing for it to be timeless and simple, with a limited palette. The logo had to work in different contexts and a manual to showcase the different formats was handed to the client.

inspiration & colour palette

The founder of Nisida Environment has a close tie to the city of Naples and wanted its logo to link to it. Hence why the company is named after the island of Nisida, off the coast of Naples, and the logo takes inspiration from.

Simple dark blues and whites are used as key colours, with accents in a slightly lighter blues and teal. Echoing the colours of water and the sea.

The island of Nisida & the primary and secondary palette


Renders of the logo in context for business cards, big and small envelopes and letter paper.

Nisida Environment stationery layouts

brand book

Example of brand book guidelines with the different logos, colour versions and colour palette. Together with business cards and stamps details, in different formats.