products from assortment 2022

mickey & minnie back-to-school project box

For Disney fans and arts & crafts lovers. The set features 6 different DOTS canvases, including a 2-drawer chest with Mickey ears, picture frame, note holder with secret space inside, 2 flat bag tags and an adhesive patch, plus loads of tiles (including 10 exclusive Mickey & Friends-decorated tiles) to decorate with. (SKU 49164)

mickey & minnie stitch-on patch

New 6x6 flexible stitch-on patch in red, with tiles in vibrant colors, plus decorated tiles featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. For easy, intuitive independent play process, kids can design and their patch uniquely theirs to reflect their passion. (SKU 41963)

unicorn creative family pack

5 different DOTS canvases for a family or friends get-together. Includes 2 slimline bracelets, a unicorn box stationery holder with removable top, a small message board and a bunting kit with string, plus plenty of colourful tiles and 3 packs of alphabet tiles for decorating. (SKU 41962)

message board

 A message board to create and display customisable messages and personalise them to suit their mood, passions or room decor. Exploring font design and build their creative skills. (SKU 42951)

neon tiger bracelet & bag tag

An adjustable bracelet and bag tag with hanging ring, along with lots of colourful glitter and neon tiles for a psychedelic vibe. Great for self-expressive play and fun everyday recreation sessions, with pieces kids can wear or share once they’re done. (SKU 41945)

products from assortment 2021

creative designer box

An open-ended kit which allows unlimited creativity and helps kids grow their design skills and confidence. I also designed the new magazine which includes instructions and is full of creative inspiration to push the limits of what to build and how to decorate. (SKU 41938)

unicorn bag tag

For the unicorn lovers, decorate your unicorn with its rainbow pattern and have it smile or puke rainbows. Create a mystical unicorn bag tag to hold keys or hang on a bag or backpack. (SKU 41940)

dragon bag tag

A fierce dragon which can be decorated to spit fire or make silly faces, whilst flying around on your favourite bag. It has opalescent elements, a cool crest and multi colour scales. (SKU 41939)

dog bag tag

A cute and fun dog tag to customise a bag or backpack. Kids can make and personalise their own bag tag over and over, change up the dog’s expressions, to match their own, and share their designs with friends. (SKU 41927)

narwhal bag tag

The magical narwhal swims through a magical sea, to customise a bag or backpack. Kids can use the coloured tiles and decos to design a realistic narwhal and give it funny expressions.​ (SKU 41928)

leopard bag tag

This leopard is a cool cat tag to customise a bag or backpack. The kit includes plenty of tiles in blue, purple and lilac colours, plus animal-print tiles for extra style. (SKU 41929)

panda bag tag

The sweet surprised panda loves eating bamboo whilst decorating a bag or backpack. Kids can use the black, white and bamboo-decorated tiles to design.​ (SKU 41930)

creative party kit

The set features 8 customisable cupcakes, a sticker sheet, buildable birthday candles and plenty of colourful tiles to decorate the cupcakes! The icing is removable and the cupcakes can hold candy or small items. The set includes inspiration to help parents, and 1 designer sheet per cupcake, for each kid to bring theirs home as a memento of the party.​ (SKU 41926)

monster bracelets

Bracelets themed around two monsters who are best friends. You can create a pink and an aqua monster, changing up their fur. Sharing it with your best friend or keeping both bracelets to match. (SKU 41923)

extra dots - series 4

Animal-themed, collectible extra DOTS. To match the animal bag tag, with new expressions and special decorations and made to work with all the different LEGO DOTS sets. (SKU 41931)

products from assortment 2020

animal picture holders

Three small boxes and photo holders, decorated as a cat, llama and dog.They can be redecorated into a racoon, sheep and bear. (SKU 41904)

jewellery box

Jewellery box with a lock to keep secrets safe and tiles for decorating the biggest DOTS surface yet. Kids can use their creativity and self-expression skills to make the toy uniquely theirs. It features movable separators and a spring palette. (SKU 41915)

cosmic wonder bracelet

1 bracelet, 32 tiles, unique creativity. Kids can design the bracelet to match their outfit, then swap tiles around on the go to reflect changing moods and styles. Bracelet themed around space and stars, with pastel twist. (SKU 41903)

rainbow bracelet

Bracelet themes around the rainbow theme. Taking a more primary palette and including transparent elements to symbolise rain. Kids can play with the rainbow decorations and cute cloud characters. (SKU 41900)

funky animals bracelet

Bracelet themed around bunnies and cats which are best friends, who can high five. Pink tones with a grounding black and white palette. (SKU 41901)

dark unicorn bracelet

Bracelet themed on a dark unicorn flying through sparkles with its flowing coloured mane. Choral gives edge to the darker purple palette. (SKU 41902)

designs from 2017 & 2018 assortment

stephanie's soccer practice

With the shoot function to launch the ball toward the goal, Stephanie and her dog Dash can train, moving from side to side to make acrobatic saves. You can play on your own or with a friend! Help puppy Dash fetch the ball, then take a break with a drink and hot dog while checking out the strategy board.(SKU 41330)

heartlake city airplane tour

Olivia can fly her vintage plane, with turning propeller, with her robot Zobo and her hamster Rumble. The air traffic control tower has a ladder and slide, a refuelling station and a snack table with stools to ensure both plane and pilot are ready to fly! (SKU 41343)

friends magazine models

Twelve mini-builds which come as a gift with the Friends magazines. Each month discover a new build themes around a character or the seasons.

designs from 2018 assortment

the bedroom

Toddlers can role play with the figures and develop their fine motor skills. There's a teddy bear to cuddle, a guitar to sing along, an alarm to make sure everyone wakes up and a slide from the bunk bed. All this paired with the house shaped packaging which can double up as story started and storage. (SKU 10926)

the playroom

The Playroom is full of role-play opportunities for toddlers and opportunities for preschool learning. There is a birthday to celebrate, with toys, ice-cream, present and balloons. With modern colors, cool features and detailed characters. (SKU 10925)