the pop-up event

In January 2020, we (the LEGO DOTS team) and Camille Walala, unveiled the House of DOTS, at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross.

We brought to life LEGO DOTS, the entirely new 2D tile play concept, in this free public art installation. Our aim was to celebrate creativity, self-expression and accessibility to all kids and adults.

designing & creating the house

I worked closely with Camille Walala and her team, as point of contact for LEGO design. Both from Denmark, for prep, and in London, for set-up and animation during the pop-up event.

Painting, building and decorating the HOD

patterns & tone of voice

Working with Camille Walala to create patterns and colour combinations which would reflect her style and artistry, yet stay true to DOTS was key.​

A lot of digital and physical exploration was made, with different colours, shapes and patterns.

Patterns by Camille Walala, digital patterns and colour exploration

visitor experience design

Nailing the visitor experience was really important.

We wanted to ensure the visitor would feel engaged at all times. Getting to know the product as we had designed it. Working their way from easy entry items (bracelets) to home décor products.​

We created a playful and engaging journey, in which to discover the five rooms spread over eight shipping containers. The space allowed for photo-op moments, for creation and craft in the hands-on areas and for play and silliness in the ball bit, disco room and exit slide.

Visitors enjoying the 2 "hands-on" areas

the façade

Made to echo the shapes of the tiles, the details of the façade of the house have the shapes of 1/4 tiles, 'tooth' tiles, squares and circles. Teasing the explosion of colour that is to come.

the living room

This was the first room guests would visit. I would greet guests here and give them an introduction to the House of DOTS and to the product line.

​The focus of this room was on polka dots, with details such as the chair, lamp, rug, painting and cupboards covered in DOTS.

​Instagram paradise and a the perfect area for photos and to dive deep into this new world.

Details and wide angle shots of the living room

the kitchen

The kitchen was a key part of the house. It was high impact with bold colours and had the first hands on experience station.​

Here visitors would receive a bracelet each and have the chance to decorate around the kitchen table and to bring it home with them.

Details of the tiling, hob and sink and wide angle shots of the kitchen

the bedroom

Going upstairs, you reached the bedroom. A stark comparison to the highly primary tones of the kitchen, you entered a softer, pastel, and more playful aesthetic. Here was the second hands on station, where you received a LEGO plate, typical of the home décor line, and could decorate it to take away with you.

Details of the bed, the hiding area and the building table in the bedroom

the bathroom

The bathroom was a fully black and white room, which created an optical illusion and allowed for the pink ball pit to be centre stage.

This was a big photo opportunity and allowed the visitor to play and be immersed (literally) in DOTS.

the disco

The final room, before exiting. You entered through a hidden door and got to boogie in the mirrored room on some fine tunes.

The mirrored surfaces featured a neon interpretation of DOTS elements.